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  • All massages in St. Augustine, FL at Go Madd 4 Massage 50 min or longer utilize hot stones placed on the back for 10-15 min. Hot towels on the feet are added as well. Soothing Touch Aromatherapy or Sports oil (parabens free) are included in all massages
  • Gua sha, which is a Japanese scraping method to greatly enhance circulation, can be added to any deep tissue/sports/neuromuscular or custom fit massage at no additional cost.
  • Mobile (outcall) massages (Nonsmoking homes only) are offered any day by appointment to St Johns & surrounding counties. Prices are based on distance, number of people, & duration of your deep-tissue or Swedish massage.
  • Gift certificates are available on all types of massage, but outcalls need to have appointments scheduled in advance. Please contact us to check out all the many options available to serve you best, learn more about us, and more!! Gift certificates are available in the office or online using PayPal or c/c.
  • Payment is due at the time of service. Payment can be made through cash, check,  credit or debit card, or thru Zelle, Apple Pay, or Venmo.  Starting January 2, 2023, ALL credit/debit card transactions will incur a 4% fee, but
    other payment methods are exempt from this fee at this time.  Any gift certificates purchased on the website already have a fee applied.   We don’t require credit card by phone when booking appointments, but in some cases e.g.
    couples massage, groups, or manual lymphatic drainage, a deposit or full payment may be required.

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**A standard massage session includes dressing/undressing & consultation of 5-10 minutes. All massages are professional, & all clients are draped. Massage pricing is based on the type of massage, duration, location (office vs. outcall), and specialty tier.**

Massage Pricing Tier

A weighted blanket is placed on clients for every massage so please advise the therapist if you do not wish to have one. Please advise the therapist about the temperature of the room, table and the volume of the music as this is YOUR session to enjoy.

Hot stone:

40 min $60.00
60 min $75.00
75 min $90.00
90 min $115.00
  • Basalt stones warmed up to 130 degrees absorb and disperse heat efficiently on the skin. The healing properties were first discovered in India and China. This localized heat treatment massage dilates blood vessels, thereby loosening muscles which promotes decreased muscle soreness for deeper penetration.
  • Aromatherapy or sports oils are applied to the skin, and the stones massage the oil into the skin. Stones are incorporated into the session by manipulating them in combo with using the hands, placing them in certain areas as well as massaging directly on the skin.
  • Benefits: detoxing body by increasing lymph flow, improving sleep, increasing immunity in fibromyalgia and autoimmune conditions, and alleviating muscle tension and pain. They are contraindicated in lupus, post surgery, neuropathy, pregnancy, and diabetes as well as certain skin conditions. Please check with your doctor or ask Diana whether they are appropriate for use by themselves.
  • Hot stones are added to any other 50 minute massage session listed on this page as a heat enhancement through the sheet or towels. Please advise the therapist (open communication) if the stones are too hot on your skin as each client responds to heat differently, and we want you to be comfortable.


30 min $45.00
40 min $60.00

Reflexology is done on the feet & hands only with the client fully clothed. When your feet hurt, you hurt all over. Crystalline deposits can form on nerve endings that are tender to the touch. Reflexology doesn’t have to be painful as the pressure can be adjusted for each client. The healing occurs when this reflex method of compression massage is done to break down the deposits. It is also known as zone therapy as each part of the foot or hand corresponds to a certain part of the body (organ, gland, etc) to elicit a response activating chi energy lines. I use hot towels to create even more warmth for the feet thus promoting even more circulation. Put your ‘best foot forward’ toward better health. If you want a massage of other areas, then we suggest the half & half massage or eclectic mix massage Please call or text Diana for any questions about how reflexology works.

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Massage on a Budget

30 Minute FOCUS Massage


40 Minutes Focus Massage

These massages are for shorter duration but more focus on areas you choose: upper body, lower body, or a combo. There are no hot towels or hot stones used in these massages.

Swedish Relaxation or Therapeutic Combo

(80 min)$100

(50 min) $65
(60 min) $75
(90 min) $115

A Swedish session utilizes many techniques to relax the body & induce rest & recovery for the body from life/body stresses. A therapeutic session includes the best of both worlds. It is both relaxing and allows for focus work on 1 part of the body, in most cases the upper body (shoulders, neck, back).

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Deep Tissue/Sports/Neuromuscular

A deep tissue massage decreases inflammation & tightness in muscles, thereby increasing circulation which leads to pain reduction & less stiffness. In order to achieve faster healing, continuous deep pressure is applied to target areas of connection tissue, which breaks up scar tissue. Lactic acid is a toxin that builds up in these knotted areas (adhesions) decreasing blood flow.

Sports refers to specific stretches that decrease possibility of future injuries. A massage roller stick will most likely be used to separate the tight tissue (fascia surrounding the muscle) and the muscle itself. It is used in combination with the deep tissue techniques for the most benefit.

A neuromuscular massage breaks up areas of impingement, where a muscle, tendon, or ligament press down on a nerve, irritating the area leading to pain. This trigger point area involves contracted muscles which limits flexibility. The synchronistic effect of deep tissue, neuromuscular, and sports massage addresses all the issues to achieve maximum healing.

(50 min) $75
(60 min) $85
(80 min) $115
(90 min) $125

Custom Fit Massage

(60 min) $85
(90 min) $125

A custom-fit massage is specifically designed for YOU…Massage Your Way! Upgraded features would include scalp, abs, assisted stretches, or myofascial massage stick using any type of relaxing, combination or focus massage. It also includes hot stones and hot towels. It can include cupping & infrared massagers.

Eclectic Mix Massage

(55 min) $85
(85 min) $125

Eclectic Mix is a type of custom fit massage which is an upgraded Swedish relaxation. It employs more reflexology on the hands and feet, thai techniques, lomi lomi strokes, as well as more hot stone placement.
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Half-and-Half Massage

(60 min) $85
(90 min) $125
This massage experience is half reflexology & half upper bodywork.
Focuses: back/neck/shoulders. Hot towels as well as hot stones are utilized extensively during this session.

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Scalp Massage

(15 min) $20
(20 min) $25
Enjoy a refreshing scalp into your neck/face massage to release tension & stress, relieve a headache, or have greater range of motion….stretching may be involved.
Scalp massage can be part of the custom fit massages.

Corporate Chair

Schedule a chair massage group at your company workplace for your employees & show your appreciation. Travel fees may be added & rates determined by how many people & time/person. Invoices will be provided. Female or male therapists are available depending on your needs & our availability. Chair massage is performed with a client fully clothed and is possible at the office depending on the schedule for the day. Usually, 20 min is max time allowed.

Outcalls (mobile) / Nonsmoking homes only

(60 min) $100*
(90 min) $150*
Longer distances & groups may be a different fee so please contact Diana.

Pregnancy (prenatal) Massage

(30 min) $45
(40 min) $65
(60 min) $85
This massage applies to women beyond 12 weeks. Please check with your Dr to make sure it is ok to have a massage. Pregnancy massages are very beneficial to stress & low back pain.

Reiki Massage

60 Min Reiki Only $85
90 Mini Reiki with Massage $125
Reiki is spiritually guided life force energy, originating from Japan. It is connecting to the client providing healing and balance to the body. Reiki is done fully clothed on the table. You can add it to a massage for a longer session. Its’ purpose is to release blockages and stuck areas in order to achieve higher energy, purification,& detoxification.

Couples Massage

  • Simultaneous massage using male & female therapist
  • Consecutive, meaning back to back, using one therapist doing both massages
(30 min) $50 (Each)
(40 min) $65 (Each)
(60 min) $85 (Each)
(90 min) $125 (Each)
These prices are for the office only. There is one large massage room for couples sessions. We have heated tables, aromatherapy oils, candles, relaxing music, hot towels & hot stones. No separate rooms are available, but screens can be used to separate the tables. The 2 people of the ‘couple’ can be sisters, friends, married couple, mother/daughter etc. We utilize 1 female and 1 male therapist. Mobile {Outcall} massages / (Nonsmoking homes only) are available also. Please call if you have any questions.
*** Deposit of $50 is required in all cases to confirm the appointment**

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Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)

60 min $100
90 min $150
This type of massage uses very light pressure with rhythmic hand movements to stimulate the lymphatic system which allows for quicker cellular detoxification. It is used in health conditions that require help to drain excess fluid buildup, water retention, surgical recovery, & sinus recovery from colds or allergies. Since this massage flushes your system, it’s even more important to drink plenty of water. This massage is usually performed proximal to distal & works in a specific sequence. Cupping is used during the session in order to facilitate the flow of lymphatic fluid more efficiently. Impaired, plugged-up lymphatic vessels are usually the result of trauma, infection, surgery, cancer, or autoimmune conditions. The lymphatic system doesn’t have a pump like the heart & depends on the movement of skeletal muscles & intrinsic contractions of the smooth muscle cells. This massage is performed by our male therapist, Caleb. Payment is required in advance to book the appointment..

Products for Sale:

Soothing Touch Aromatherapy or Sports oils are parabens free & vegan. Their description can be found on the gift card page. They can be purchased on that page or at the office.

Massage oil (aromatherapy or sports) 8 oz $12 or 2 for $20.00