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Lori K. March 11, 2016
"I have been going to Diana for almost a year, and the difference I feel in my back (with the pain) is unbelievable. Diana always knows where my back is troubling me the most and focuses on that area to give me some relief. I have been to other massage therapists but prefer Diana as she has a very soothing technique. I have never experienced discomfort or pain while receiving a massage with Diana"
P. Petersen March 11, 2016
"Diana's commitment to a holistic approach sets her apart...focus on continuous improvement, expanding services offered to clients...has 'what it takes' to be a successful business person...Her drive and ambition will ensure future success...She really is a true entrepreneur."
Mark V. March 11, 2016
"works wonders at relieving knots...Her massages are quite relaxing and at same time, invigorating...a one hour oasis from stresses and strains of life...She is very hard-working and dedicated, puts her whole self into her work"
Tom Bauers March 11, 2016
"I have been extremely happy with the quality of the massage I receive from Diana. I have several areas that bother me regularly. Some of these are due to sports injuries, others from car accidents. She is able to find and work thru the problem areas I have and truly give relief. In addition, she is by far the most flexible massage therapist I have ever worked with in regards to scheduling appointments. I have a very busy schedule and find it difficult to plan appointments in advance. I typically call Diana in a last minute fashion. (sometimes within hours) She has always made time for me even with the last minute calls I typically place. For these reasons, I highly recommend you give her an opportunity to help you"
Elton March 11, 2016
"The massages that I receive from Diana at Go Madd 4 Massage are the only type that I have found to work completely. The relief that I received after a short period of time was awesome. I will continue to use Diana's services in the future as she gives an excellent massage as well as being a super 'people' person"
Dr. Roy Bernius March 11, 2016
"Diana Beranek is the most caring, experienced, knowledgeable, and enjoyable massage specialist that I have ever know. I very highly recommend her wonderful talents and services. You will be abundantly blessed!"