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Stephanie April 24, 2016
"My fiancé and I got a couple's massage here yesterday, while we are on vacation. Absolutely the best massage experience! We will definitely come back for a massage every time we visit now."
GGene Thorne Thorn March 21, 2016
"I was in St Augustine for a few days after an over 800 mile drive. The long drive and sleeping in hotel beds had my lower back messed up. Diana worked me into her schedule and after an hour of working on me, I felt great. Another week of hotel beds and 1600 miles on the road and my back has not hurt. Thanks Diane!"
Dianne M. March 11, 2016
"I've tried many places in St Augustine, but this is the best doubt about it!!"
Lori M. March 11, 2016
"Can't recommend this place highly enough! Great massage and a wonderful atmosphere! Thanks, Diana!"
Ronnie March 11, 2016
"I have known Diana for about 10 years now, and she has been my only massage therapist during this time. When she moved her business down to St. Augustine from Jacksonville, I continued to drive every 2 weeks (40 miles one way) just to see her smiling face. She gives an amazing massage and plays on the 'A' team. I recommend her to anyone looking for a great massage a her techniques are indescribable and she has great hands."
Lori K. March 11, 2016
"I have been going to Diana for almost a year, and the difference I feel in my back (with the pain) is unbelievable. Diana always knows where my back is troubling me the most and focuses on that area to give me some relief. I have been to other massage therapists but prefer Diana as she has a very soothing technique. I have never experienced discomfort or pain while receiving a massage with Diana"